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The sun was shining. The champagne was flowing. The stage was rocking. Join us in January 2018 as we live in the moment, make new memories and get lost in joie de vivre! Register to our newsletter as we announce the 2018 dates early September.

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Melbourne 15/01/2017 & Sydney 21/01/2017


So Frenchy So Chic is the annual celebration of all things French and this year’s picnic in Bicentennial Park was as popular as ever. More

There was plenty of joie de vivre at this year’s So Frenchy So Chic More

Niche festivals like this are all too rare in Sydney – and even rarer are the ones that are done right. Sitting on the light rail line, providing great food, music and atmosphere, there was nothing not to love about the afternoon. Where other events have faltered, So Frenchy So Chic has become one of Australia’s finest annual traditions, bringing us some incredible talent that we’d never have the opportunity to see otherwise. I for one can’t wait to come back next year. More

The set-up (picnic rugs and sun umbrellas, baguettes and macaroons, French champagne and a sun-drenched lawn) is so alluring that patrons could be forgiven for spending the day lounging and grazing with the live music serving as a pleasant soundtrack. But for genuine music fans, the four acts selected for this year’s event offered a fascinating glimpse into France’s thriving independent pop scene.