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    Le menu Sydney

    From crusty baguettes to salad jardinière and delightful desserts and cheeses, our specially prepared picnic hampers and cheese platters will put you in the So Frenchy culinary spirit. The hampers are available for pre-order from Simmone Logue and must be pre-ordered before Tuesday 17th January 2017 midday.

    We will also be offering a banquet of delicious French fare on-site. From a So Frenchy-designed menu by Hotel Gitan, to fresh oysters matched with Laurent Perrier champagne, plus crêpes, macarons, wine, aperitifs and more. We look forward to letting our gastronomic artisans tempt you on the day.


    Vegetarian hamper for one

    Forest mushroom and fresh thyme quiche with buttery crème fraiche pastry

    Crusty baguette with roasted aubergine, sauce Verde, chèvre and mesclun

    Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad with pomegranate and eshallot and fine herb dressing

    Raspberry Charlotte dessert pot

    Petit four lemon tart


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    Cheese hamper for two

    Bon-Mon-Sire: a creamy, smooth and flavourful cheese

    Bleu Auvergne la Veronne: a herbaceous cow’s milk cheese with blue veining

    Comte 6 Months: a soft cheese with a hard crust and a fruity or nutty taste

    Accompanied by quince paste, strawberries and grapes
    And a crusty baguette and Lavosh


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    Vegetarian hamper for one (gluten free)

    Corn fritter with crème fraiche, red capsicum jam

    Salad of avocado, rocket, roasted tomato and shallot and red wine vinaigrette

    Chickpea tahini and roasted garlic dip with jardinière

    Flourless chocolate cake

    Strawberries and cream


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    Picnic hamper for one

    Braised leek and Gruyere quiche with buttery crème fraiche pastry

    Crusty baguette with poached chicken, tarragon mayonnaise, charred red peppers and butter lettuce

    Salad jardinière with French beans, julienne vegetables, Dijon vinaigrette and roasted almonds

    Lemon curd cheese cake dessert pot

    Petit four chocolate ganache tart


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    Charcuterie hamper for two

    Crusty baguette and Lavosh

    Picholine olives marinated in orange, thyme and garlic

    Chicken liver pâté with Madeira and bay

    Roasted and peppered beef


    Double smoked ham



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